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The balance of the the farm ecosytem is possible only if we succeed in preserving independently soil, plant, animal, water ecosystems.

Effluent valorization and water quality are essential keys of farm biologic and economic balance.





Product range

This range includes AMU® Technology as life promotor.

  • Solid and liquid manure treatment : liquid manure liquifaction, nitrogen preservation (lower the ammonia), temperature control & sanitation
  • Surface and pipe water natural treatment : algua & oxygen content, pipe cleaning & positiv biofilm stimulation
  • Hygiene products for milking systems

Solid and liquid manure bio activators

Our solutions allow a better atmosphere, in and around the buildings, which contributes to decrease the pulmonary problems and the chronic cough on the farms. Effective on all types of manure, these solutions increase the aerobic fermentation by catalysis. They boil putrid fermentation and bio-control fermentations to maintain the value of ammonium (nitrogen) effluents.

This activation of oxygen continues to act in the soil : a well fermented manure particularly favors the growth of rootlets and increases the active surface of the root system.

Our products contribute to the revival the aerobic fermentations in pits blocked containing antibiotics, quaternary ammonium, chlorine or insecticides, or simply because of inadequate animal diet.

Biofilms controler

The biofilms management is a source of major health improvement in livestock farming. These biofilms are made of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, protozoa) that develop in thin layers on surfaces in water contact. They are hardly visible because they develop in the water pipes.

A biofilm always hides pathogenic organisms that weaken the health of animals and increases the risk of digestive and pulmonary problems.

After cleaning, the biofilm is destroyed, including the positive one. It gives way to resistant and pathogenic bacteria to grow first.Our natural solution (essential oils, plant extracts, AMU …) allows the biofilms eco-systems balance and hardly decrease the impact of pathogenic bacteria.

Oxygen and bio sanitation promotors

When the oxygenation rate of the water is reduced by a rise in temperature for example, resistant forms of anaerobic organisms (clostridia, etc.) tend to develop.

Our solutions will reduce the size of the “culster” to better hydrate the cells (from the animals or plants) and promote oxygen exchange with the environment.

The solutions reduce the growth of micro-algae, promote the decomposition of organic matter and improve the cycle efficiency of the nitrogen and phophore. The biological quality of the water will be improved, whether for crop irrigation, fish farming or swimming. Our solutions can also be used for the treatment of wastewater.

Join us

Our goal is to introduce our phytogenetic solutions to international farmers. To do this, we are looking for new employees and partners manufacturers and / or distributors.