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Who are we?


Our systemic approach targets the animal and soil microbiota to reduce the use of synthetic products. It responds to the growing demand of farmers and consumers for the safety of agricultural products.

With our solutions, we promote biodiversity in each ecosystem (soil, plant, water, animal, effluents) which gives the microbiota greater robustness. Combined with a global vision of the operation, our products allow to envisage a very clear reduction of the chemical inputs.

Our values

QUALITY & EFFICACY Amprolys offers you efficient and profitable solutions associated with a valuable advice, coming from passionned and field team. Our facilities are certified FCA and Organic. INNOVATION Our rupture technology AMU® covers large possible field of application and open daily new potential. Research projects are continuously open here to offer new solutions to the markets. RESPECT & TRUST We are working with loyalty and engagement with our providers and our distributors for serving farmers and our planet.

Our complementary experiences

Rémy Chérel CEO

Born into a livestock farming family, feed technologist, Rémy Chérel has spearheaded various research projects on the development of alternative and natural nutritional solutions during the last 20 years. He created OLITYS in 2011, offering farmers a more global vision of their farms. In 2016, he founded Amprolys Lab and acquired the AMU® german technology.

«We excel in our ability to analyse balances and imbalances in crops, animals and their environment.»

Christophe Tanguy Development Manager

Christophe joined Amprolys Lab in 2016 and brought his experience in national and international sales development in the animal feed sector and particularly in natural additives for animal nutrition and health.

«We are aware of the vital interrelations between the soil, plants and animals : we draw out the value in this remarkable synergy and obtain substantially higher results than those found in conventional approaches.»

Join us

Our goal is to introduce our phytogenetic solutions to international farmers. To do this, we are looking for new employees and partners manufacturers and / or distributors.