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Our expertise

Our ambitious approach aims to rebuild an equilibrium of the ecosystems and let the plants and animals growing up without recourse to chemistry
We get success through 3 pillars :
  • Our expertise on the ecosystem balance and our close relationships with farmers to better understand farms situations
  • Our expertise of plants, their synergistic associations combined with on field answers
  • The AMU® technology improves the action of these natural assets


Research and development

Quality and certification


Our AMU® technology, created in Germany in 1994, genuinely enhances the methods used to extract active plant properties. By increasing the activity of our solutions’ constituents, it stimulates the life of ecosystems.

Research and development

From knowledge to plants synergy

Our entire range is based on a multidimensional research and innovation process :

  • knowledge of plants and their assets
  • sourcing and quality of raw materials
  • formulation for a synergistic combination of ingredients
  • knowledge of the organs of absorption and sites of action
  • use of micro-dosages thanks to increased assimilation : micronization, extraction and AMU® technology


Our philosophy for research : Life promotion and Life balance

Our products are very complex recipes that combine the assets of plants and other elements in order to stimulate the ecosystems and the functioning of the organs. We seek to create a favorable ground for good flora at the expense of pathogenic or harmful flora. Our goal is to get a microbiota that is robust enough to allow the soil ecosystem or animal to activate its natural defense systems (immunity).


Research Partnerships



Quality and certification

From the design of the industrial tool, we have taken into account the recommendations of the FCA reference system used by the animal nutrition industry to ensure the quality and safety of our products. We limit any risk of cross-contamination by a simple and efficient circuit. This allowed us to obtain the FEED CHAIN ALLIANCE (n°27 / 855931-1) in March 2018 by Control Union. Our quality system ensures the development and the continuous improvement for our whole range of products (animal, vegetable, environmental), as well as the control of the food safety and the taking into account of the risks which can occur in the chain of production.




To make our products more efficient, we have also chosen to use only raw materials that can be used in organic farming. We thus obtained the Organcic certificate (n° CER-OPT122227-C148466) issued by Bureau Veritas in March 2018 for the production of complementary feed for animals usable in Organic Agriculture.








In order to ensure a permanent regulatory watch and to integrate the growing safety requirements, we are a member of the professional association AFCA-CIAL, which brings together French manufacturers specialized in complementing animal nutrition, particularly mineral food manufacturers, services firms and premix manufacturers.








Serving our customers

  • Security and traceability with FCA certification.
  • Reactivity in innovation.

Join us

Our goal is to introduce our phytogenetic solutions to international farmers. To do this, we are looking for new employees and partners manufacturers and / or distributors.