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Our phytogenic solutions

Amprolys Lab solutions promote the microbial life of soil, effluent, plant and animal ecosystems.

Our phytogenic assets influence a multitude of processes, including gut microbiota modulation. It is now possible to significantly improve the digestibility of nutrients or the immune system of the animal, by stimulating endogenous secretions. As an example, we can reduce some stresses by acting directly on the gut protein metabolic processes.

The action of our solutions allows to act directly on the gut as a 2nd brain. Their range of positive actions is now greater than that of synthetic assets (growth factor, suppressant, …) and sustainable over time. We can now offer natural solutions for better performance and health, promoting a more economical production for the farmer and more respectful of the environment.


Join us

Our goal is to introduce our phytogenetic solutions to international farmers. To do this, we are looking for new employees and partners manufacturers and / or distributors.