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Our global approach places the animal at the heart of the farm strategy. To optimize the usage of farm forage & grain, we seek to stimulate the digestive microbiota. Amprolys Lab strategy is promoting the development of the beneficial flora to improve digestion and thus, decrease the space available for the pathogens growth and other harmful flora.






Full our range includes plants/herbal and our AMU® Technology. AMU® is used as biodiversity promoter and plants/herbal benefits amplifier.

  • Organic & mineral absorption enhancer, feed preservatives (grain, silage)
  • Field equilibrium maintenance & harmonisation promotors : organes support, intestinal biodiversity promotion and stability
  • Curative solutions to be apply for short periods :  intestinal bacteria contamination, coccidiosis, fluke, mammary infections

Nutrients absorption enhancer

Feed efficiency is an important way of farms economic profitability. This goes through the health of the digestive tract but also by the proper functioning of digestive organs (liver, kidneys, …)

Our solutions aim to promote the microbiota of the digestive tract which is today considered as the 2nd brain. They aslo support all the satellite organs linked to digestion.

Our natural active ingredients, amplified by our AMU® technology will offer diversifyed, robust and stable flora in each part of animal digestive tract. It display visible results on the animal.



Immunity booster

Bechamp was right! “The microbe is nothing, the field is everything”. A immunity drop makes the animal more sensitive against naturally pathogens present in its environment.

Our range based on natural solutions helps the animal to strengthen its natural defenses during the critical phases of stress (weaning, farrowing, animal batching, …) to reduce the consequences on zootechnical performance.

Some of our solutions support the animals during the critical phases and some other solve troubles if the illness success to be expressed (intestinal bacteria or protozoa, mastitis, …)



Forage digestibility

Forage digestibilty is a key point for ruminant breeders. Low digestibilty cause huge economic impacts on farms because it impact the animal health and their feed efficiency.

Our solution based on AMU® Technolgy naturally promote anaerobic bacteria to increase the propionic acid production. Forages will be stabilized after a couple of weeks only and digestibility will be optimized.

Join us

Our goal is to introduce our phytogenetic solutions to international farmers. To do this, we are looking for new employees and partners manufacturers and / or distributors.