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In our holistic approach, we place the soil at the heart of the exploitation strategy. With the animals, the soil represents one of the 2 production tools, true pantry for the plants but also to provide to the animal microbiota a maximum of nutriments and biodiversity. In our intensive systems, soils get damage by our modern practices and to be productive, life basics must be restablished.

Amprolys Lab develops a range of foliar and soil activators to enhance organic matter degradation, activate root development, growth and plant resistance.





Our products are a combination of micronutrients, nutritious substrates and plant extracts (no bacteria sources) whose the overall synergistic effect is catalyzed by AMU® technology. We offer solutions for crops, forage, fruit and vegetable production.

  • Soil life promoters : lombric’s biomass & detritovorous insects development, organic matter degradation
  • Seeds treatmants : seeds protector guards against insects & root development enhancer
  • Foliar stimulant : photosynthesis promters and foliar treatment benefits enhancer

Rebalance and stimulate soil life

The good job of the soil depends on the balance and the synergy of all the soil microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, microflora, mycorrhizae, earthworms …). Our solutions stimulate the entire microbial life of the soil, including rhizospheric microflora, while allowing the recycling of crop residues, in order to bring nutrients to the plant. As a result, you will get an improvement in your yield, as well as a strengthening of the root development and a better structure of your soil



Root development stimulation

The first days of plant growth are essential and the root system must develop as quick as possible to take over the nutritive relay of the seed. A seed placed in an amorphous medium will be quickly destroyed, a seedling whose root system is underdeveloped will be not able to face a situation of water stress and will not allow the plant, at the end of its growth, to catch into the soil all the nutrients needed to defend itself and produce fruit.

Our natural solutions will promote life (fauna, flora).



Efficient photosynthesis

When the plant has passed the first stage of its development, it draws all of its energy from its foliar system by transforming solar energy into biomass.

Our products will improve the efficiency of photosynthesis. They will also improve the effectiveness of other foliar products that will be applied to the leaves, to protect them from external attacks or to provide them nutrients.

Join us

Our goal is to introduce our phytogenetic solutions to international farmers. To do this, we are looking for new employees and partners manufacturers and / or distributors.